Recap of 2016 Winter Artist Salon


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Last December I was happy to present my art to friends and family at a salon held in my home. I curated a collection of my own pieces dating from college to the present and hung them throughout my new … Continue reading

Sketchbook Saturday: Graffiti

In High School I took a workshop on writing graffiti letters. It was really fun, although very challenging. It was a good way to spend time in lecture, instead of idly listening to whatever my teachers were talking about. I happen to be one of those people who does well when doodling and listening at the same time.

These images are a collection of practice sketches I made throughout my later years in High School, all around the time I took the workshop. The words on the collections are: Moxie, Monotonous (spelled wrong), Quagmire, Whimsy, Entropy (maybe), Cacophony, Escape and Maelstrom.

I would like to play with this art form again. I like words a lot and use them frequently in my art. Check back at a later date to see if I dip back into this art form.

Back on the Blogging Band Wagon

I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people have created a post just like this. I want to start blogging again. Why? I want to revisit things I learned in college. I want to play with ideas I come up with more readily. I want to reflect on art activities I partake in throughout my life such as going to see performances, museums, and galleries. I want to connect with people around me who might be interested in my art. I want to muse and ramble in a forum that supports it. I want to pursue art in my life more seriously and create a practice that mirrors that goal. Hence blogging again. 

The Plan:

  • Blog as often as I can. I do a lot of art things. I have enough material in my life to blog everyday! Poems, sketchbooks, art I have seen on travel, ideas to play with, actual real art I have created. There is a lot of it in and around my life that I can talk about.
  • Set a calendar to remind me via email.
  • Do it now! If I think I can do it- do it. Spending too much time on Pinterest? Blog instead. Checking facebook, email, and whatever else? Blog instead. Wasting time on Youtube? Blog instead.
  •  No saving blog post ideas for later. No worrying about if the post will really matter to anyone else. Its an idea. Put it on the internet.
  • Commit to the month of September. If its still no jiving with me I’ll make a new plan. That gives me a little less than 30 days to give this a shot and see what happens. 

Stay tuned people. Things are about to get arty.




Sketchbook Saturdays: Magazine Practice

I don’t know if anyone in the world really cares to see my process as an artist. Well to bad world I’m posting it anyway. 1. in case someone out there finds my various sketches and doodles inspiring or helpful and 2. because I would like to have my skethbooks preserved for posterity in case something terrible happens to them. Some have already fallen prey to spilled cups of tea, water, and sun damage so I’m getting things together quick.

Today I’m sharing some of my practice sketches. ^_^

One of my favorite ways to improve my drawing skills that I haven’t practiced in a long time is to take images from magazines and try to draw them. Doesn’t always turn out great, but it is a quick and easy to take what you see and recreate it. As far as I know still lifes are still the number one way to improve art skills and gain a deeper understanding of how scale and size and shadow work. However we can’t always have a convenient pile of random things to draw in front of us, so hence I turn to magazines. Plus its already 2D, which I realize is cheating but it makes me feel better.