Day 2: Deconstructing Paintings

I did paint today and yesterday but the paint is still drying so I don’t have a picture to post yet for the challenge. What I do have are pictures of my extremely satisfying experiment in deconstruction. I originally painted those 16 watercolors so that I would have something to collage with for 4 more shrines I am working on. I like working in series of 4 cause its lends itself to so many themes: the directions, the elements, the seasons, and so on.

IMG_1912The four shrines that inspired the watercolors.

I want to layer circles onto the shrines to build them up. I don’t know if I will add in figures or leave them pretty abstract. I will have to see what happens with the circles. To make all the circles I splurged and bought new punches. I am SO happy with them!

IMG_1933From ek tools

I punched lots and lots and lots of circles in the three sizes of punch I bought. It was so satisfying to look at the watercolors from a new perspective, punching out tiny vignettes from within the larger painting. It was also deliciously fun to punch out the shapes. The punches are really powerful, so even though it was cutting through relatively thick paper it made clean shapes. And they flew across the room from the force of it, which was delightful.


In the end I not only had plenty of circles to collage with but I also transformed the watercolors into something new and extremely interesting. I’m super excited with the result. They have a really pleasing sense of randomness that I couldn’t have achieved if my eye was trying to create it. I’ve included a slideshow of the best ones. Let me know what you think of my deconstructed watercolor paintings in the comments.

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Current Project: The Elements


Current Project: The Elements

I realize working with the elements is a somewhat cliche thing to do. However, I just needed a series to work through some ideas I’m experimenting with. Right now I’m playing with layers, and manipulating the canvas. These canvases are in the 2nd stage of the process floating around in my head.

The first step was to paint with acrylic the swirled, tie-dye patterns as a base. The silver paint I was using was quite old and mixed with the other acrylic in a really interesting way. I’m not sure how that will affect the longevity of the paintings but they are just experimental right now.

The second step was to apply tissue paper to a small portion of the canvas. I wanted to capture some movement, add depth, and create texture. It also almost acts as the subject of each piece, even though its pretty abstract.

The third step, which I started on the lower left canvas (and will post a picture of later), was to cut out geometrical shapes, leaving a literal empty space in the canvas.

Thats as far as I have gotten, but I know I want to integrate figures into the canvas, and possibly add more layers of paper, tissue, and paint. Or sequins and glitter. Or stencils. Or words. All I know for sure is that these are definitely still works in progress.

Woven Inspiration

FearNotA lot of my artistic endeavors are experiments for a possibly larger project. This piece was created as a prototype for one such idea. I had a number of colored grids, and a lot of scrap fabrics, paper, and ribbon. I wanted to weave a story of colors and textures through the grid that would flow together in a series. I had eight grids, four of each color; red, green, blue, and yellow. I decided to start with blue because I had the most of that color available in my scrap bin. In the end my experiment didn’t really capture what I had in my mind. I wanted to evoke more of a feeling, and the words and images woven through send a confusing message. I think if I was more interested in the end result, and less interested in seeing how the weaving actually worked I would have had a more successful project. Despite not being happy with the final vision of the piece, I was happy with how the different materials wove through the grid, and how the textures mixed together.


Mixing Media and Experimenting some More


Mixing Media and Experimenting some More

I love creating collages out of magazine images. I went through a phase in college when I made a bunch of collages on poster boards. A while later I received a disposable camera with “fortunes” on the roll. After the roll was developed the fortunes appeared at the bottom of the images.

This is what the camera looked like. I bought the camera at Urban Outfitters, I believe. It seems this version is no longer available, but they have other disposable cameras that add flavor to your photography.

Many of collages were created with some sort of intention in mind. I loved the idea of taking pictures of these collages with my fancy fortune camera, and seeing which fortunes paired up with which images. I wanted random chance to bring more meaning to what I had already created.

Most of the images didn’t come out very well. Disposable cameras are pretty hit or miss because you can’t always see what you are taking a picture of well and the flash is terrible and so on. However this one image really captured the essence of the experiment.

At the end I piled all the collages into one pile. I love how the light from the window falls solely on the smaller collage in the middle. The caption is also fantastic “Its time for you to explore new interests.” Time to stop seeking new meaning in old stories and branch into something fresh.

Back on the Blogging Band Wagon

I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people have created a post just like this. I want to start blogging again. Why? I want to revisit things I learned in college. I want to play with ideas I come up with more readily. I want to reflect on art activities I partake in throughout my life such as going to see performances, museums, and galleries. I want to connect with people around me who might be interested in my art. I want to muse and ramble in a forum that supports it. I want to pursue art in my life more seriously and create a practice that mirrors that goal. Hence blogging again. 

The Plan:

  • Blog as often as I can. I do a lot of art things. I have enough material in my life to blog everyday! Poems, sketchbooks, art I have seen on travel, ideas to play with, actual real art I have created. There is a lot of it in and around my life that I can talk about.
  • Set a calendar to remind me via email.
  • Do it now! If I think I can do it- do it. Spending too much time on Pinterest? Blog instead. Checking facebook, email, and whatever else? Blog instead. Wasting time on Youtube? Blog instead.
  •  No saving blog post ideas for later. No worrying about if the post will really matter to anyone else. Its an idea. Put it on the internet.
  • Commit to the month of September. If its still no jiving with me I’ll make a new plan. That gives me a little less than 30 days to give this a shot and see what happens. 

Stay tuned people. Things are about to get arty.




Paint Me: ARTS 1020 Performance Project

This is the schedule for my Performance starting tomorrow, Monday April 18th. This schedule is subject to change so check back before heading out.

The project is to appear in these places dressed in white with paint and a sign that says “Paint Me.” I will stay for an hour and see what happens. Simple as that. ^_^