Gelli Print Scrolls


Butterfly in the Garden Print over Gelli Print Circle

Recently I have been working on a series of hanging gelli print “scrolls.” I started the series while visiting my husband who was working in Chicago for a month last year. While there, I was itching to paint and ended up impulse buying a big round gelli plate, acrylic paints, and a roll of paper.

Gelli Plates are an extremely fun and versatile form of monoprinting. You simply apply some acrylic paint to the plate and then away you go! I was introduced to them by my good friend at Turning the Wheel, and I have incorporated them into workshops and other artistic projects.

Our Gel Printing Plate looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature. It’s easy to clean and always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool! -From the Gelli Arts Website

My original plan was to cut the circles out of the paper and collage them into later projects. However, once I had completed a few rounds of the prints I decided I really liked how the gradient of prints looked and began plotting how to keep them intact.


Unfurling the Scrolls after Storage.

After a bunch of trial and error I figured out how to glue a dowel to the top and bottom of the series. I also continued printing and working on the circles so they felt less rough. I splurged a second time on a set of new stamps featuring children playing and butterflies in a garden. Using the same acrylic printing techniques I incorporated the stamps into the prints. I love how each scroll tells a story from top to bottom, or bottom to top, depending on where the eye wanders first.

The scrolls will be on display in the near future at a Boulder Venue. Visit my website for a list of upcoming events:


Day 5: Resolving a stubborn painting.

Ahhh, it feels so good to finally finish this painting and be somewhat happy with it. I’ve been struggling with this canvas for almost 3 years. Thats WAY too long. I started working on this right after I got back from Hawaii. I was inspired by this color palette, and I’m pleased to see that the final painting still has most of those colors.

IMG_2012The painting has gone through so many iterations I can’t even remember them all. Squares are a hard to shape to work on and elements of the painting always seemed unbalanced. The first idea was to collage a carousel scene onto the background I haphazardly painted. I was pretty excited about the layered tissue paper carousel horse I made but it didn’t work with the background. I kept it for posterity.

IMG_2013The second or third attempt to resolve the painting was so pitiful that it didn’t even warrant any photography. With thoughts of Hawaii and beaches on my mind I tried to paint a mermaid into the scene. It ended horribly. Here is the preliminary sketch. It in fact wasn’t too bad, but trust me what made it onto the canvas was terrible.


With this 30 Day Painting challenge I took it upon myself to finish the painting – No Matter What! I also had no more fresh canvases and it irked me that I had this really nice 10×10 canvas lying around with a mess of paint on it. In a bold move I painted over much of the existing image with white paint, creating a lot of texture to mask what was already there. Sometime when I pretend I have become a household name like Picasso or Van Gogh I imagine what art historians will think of my art, with layers of botched paintings underneath. Its a fun thought experiment. Using remnants from earlier pieces I created this year, I finally finished the piece. Huzzah!


Shrine Project: Stretching, Striving, Grasping, Reaching, Dreaming


Shrine Project: Stretching, Striving, Grasping, Reaching, Dreaming

This is my favorite piece from my Shrine Project that I have been working on tirelessly for the past two weeks.

Years ago in the VAC at the University of Colorado I found a small row of fences in a free box. I was immediately drawn to the scale and shape of the fence pieces and made a small set of collages as gifts for my friends at Solstice.

Many moons later I am finally pursuing the project I had in mind more deeply. I have been curious to explore themes of childhood, spirituality, and the goddess. These little shrines have become the perfect vehicle for expressing different emotions I feel toward my own spirituality, especially in relation to soul journey work I have done to delve deeper into my own childhood stories and inner goddess woman. I want to stray away from known goddess images and instead invoke universal themes.

This piece speaks to times of solitude I had as a child and the inspiration that comes from being in that place. It really resonates with me right now, as I am kind of back in that space in my life having just moved to Chicago. I am considering adding text to these works, but at the moment nothing is really coming to me. Every time I put pen to paper to write poetry or verse in relation to the images it feels really forced. I’m going to let it stew around for awhile and see if anything changes.

More to come later !


ps. I really need a new camera. The one on my phone is shot, and the little point and shoot I took to BM won’t turn on. >_<

Brand New Crayons!!

A long time ago I found an image on the internet of a rainbow unicorn zebra thingy. It was a great picture, but the best part about it was the comment from the artist. It read something along the lines of “new box of crayons… YAY!” Every time I buy a new box of crayons (which is more often then it probably should be) I have a similar feeling.

All the crayon things!All the crayon things!

This time I had a really valid reason for buying new crayons. I can’t find mine. They have vanished into my pile of misplaced things that were relocated from my flooded condo. And I just didn’t buy any old box of crayon. I bought three “pick your pack” crayon boxes from target, which make my inner child SO happy.

I bought three packs, and a lovely tin to put them in. I chose the Bejeweled pack because it had a peacock on the box. I chose Glitterati despite its scary picture on the package because it promised glitter, which I can never resist. And I chose pixie dust because I liked the fairies and liked the colors.

Crayon Sketchbook Page

Here are the crayons in action! I colored a little doodle I drew a couple days ago, and then I copied the back of the packages and created little swirlies of each crayon. I think there is some overlap between the Glitterati and Bejeweled packs, but it will take a little more experimenting to make sure.