“Pay Your Price” Sale

I’m jazzed to dive into my art practice with even more fervor and commitment in 2018 and the help move the process along I am determined to move some of my art out of my house and into the world. To help this make this happen I’m having a “Pay Your Price” Sale where you get to decide what you think my art is worth and pay whatever you like for it. Painting and Mixed Media works will go to the highest bidder, sort of like a silent auction.

Head on over to my Flickr page to see whats for sale. To make a bid simply leave a comment with the price you want to pay in the comments.  If there are multiple images in a picture it should have names for each piece in the picture description.  Bidding will end on Dec 10th, 2017 and if I need to ship the piece to you shipping will be paid by you in addition to the price of the painting.

If you’ve seen a piece of my art in person, or on instagram that you’ve been coveting that you don’t see listed shoot me an email at arts@khirilee.com and we can figure it out together.

Art makes an amazing gift for the holidays and I always appreciate all the support of my friends, family and followers. Thank you!! and get bidding!



About Khiri Lee

If people were simple this little box would be sufficient for me to describe myself. People are not simple.
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