Day 9: Teal, Hot Pink, Red and Black



This piece started in a really different place than it ended. I woke up a couple mornings ago and decided to tidy up my studio. Then disaster struck! I knocked over my teal liquid acrylic container that I had failed to close all the way. In a panic I snatched up a canvas and tried to transfer as much of the ink puddle as I could to the surface. Hence the beginnings of this work. Most of that is now covered but I liked the color palette it inspired.

Art Opening at the Blick 12 x 12 Show

IMG_3316A few weeks ago I answered a call for art from the Blick Art Supply store. This is the piece I submitted and it was accepted. Yay! The opening it tonight from 6 – 8pm. This is piece is titledĀ Dancing Towards Joy. It was the jumping off point for all the work I did for the “Works on Walls” exhibition I was a part of earlier this year. Made with acrylic, spray paint, tissue paper, handmade paper, paint pens, and watercolor. For sale for $150.00.


Day 8: Mind Map Painting


I feel like this painting somewhat accurately portrays the clutter of thoughts and emotions in my head right now. Its a little messy in there. The prompt for this painting came from a friend. It read:

“A vortex of blue and turquoise with veins of pink, like if you had a black hole colored in the tones of the ocean and native American jewelry.”

As you can see I interpreted that pretty loosely. I mostly was caught by the idea of an ocean colored black hole. All of the text is from the definitions of Black and Black hole in a really really old dictionary I keep around. Some of the descriptions were very colorful and amusing.

In the end I think it looks more like a map than any phenomena in space. Maybe left brain right brain? or inside vs outside chaos? Other interpretations are welcome.

Day 7: White Stag


This is another piece that took a while to finish and I decided now was a good time to take stab at completing it. I’m still not super happy with it. The whole things feels really flat and isn’t very rich. The stag only looks good when the sun hits it a certain way. I suppose it captures the elusive quality of the White Stag, which is said to only appear when the mythic realm is close to ours.


The spray paint corner of my studio where I added the detail to the lower portion.


Detail of the text in the trees.


The elusive stag, with the sun hitting it just right.

Day 5: Resolving a stubborn painting.

Ahhh, it feels so good to finally finish this painting and be somewhat happy with it. I’ve been struggling with this canvas for almost 3 years. Thats WAY too long. I started working on this right after I got back from Hawaii. I was inspired by this color palette, and I’m pleased to see that the final painting still has most of those colors.

IMG_2012The painting has gone through so many iterations I can’t even remember them all. Squares are a hard to shape to work on and elements of the painting always seemed unbalanced. The first idea was to collage a carousel scene onto the background I haphazardly painted. I was pretty excited about the layered tissue paper carousel horse I made but it didn’t work with the background. I kept it for posterity.

IMG_2013The second or third attempt to resolve the painting was so pitiful that it didn’t even warrant any photography. With thoughts of Hawaii and beaches on my mind I tried to paint a mermaid into the scene. It ended horribly. Here is the preliminary sketch. It in fact wasn’t too bad, but trust me what made it onto the canvas was terrible.


With this 30 Day Painting challenge I took it upon myself to finish the painting – No Matter What! I also had no more fresh canvases and it irked me that I had this really nice 10×10 canvas lying around with a mess of paint on it. In a bold move I painted over much of the existing image with white paint, creating a lot of texture to mask what was already there. Sometime when I pretend I have become a household name like Picasso or Van Gogh I imagine what art historians will think of my art, with layers of botched paintings underneath. Its a fun thought experiment. Using remnants from earlier pieces I created this year, I finally finished the piece. Huzzah!


Day 4: Ink Painting

A long time ago I pulled a bunch of japanese or chinese ink drawings out of a magazine. I pasted them into my sketchbook with the intention of using them as inspiration for some sketches. They seemed like a fitting subject for this painting challenge so I finally pulled out my calligraphy inks and brushes. Here are the results:

IMG_1958 IMG_1961 IMG_1963