Out of The Box

Feeling stuck in a rut at the moment. I’ve been craving more lavish inspiration. I have lots of ideas in my head but a lot of them feel really cliche or way too conceptual. I want to create something really juicy and rich and deep. All my art at the moment seems very cerebral- the box is my brain and I’m ready to let my body do the talking. I want a more sensory connection with my art and the world around me.

I  think I will do some painting for a while becuase it is so kinetic. See if that moves me to a more tangible art form.

Entry into Printmaking

This piece was a mock-up for my final print making project in my ARTS 1010 class from fall semester 2010. For the project I was playing with the roles I take on, and the roles given to me by others. I decided to incorporate collage in the background because I thought it was innovative, like nothing anyone else was doing in the class, and kind of connected to the idea of taking on roles from all the propaganda experienced in the day to day.

I made this mockup becuase I had no idea what the printing ink would do on an uneven surface, or on magazine paper. As you can see it turned out really cool. I also was unsure of what color I wanted to do. In the end I had four two-sided prints: One side had colored words with white ink (more similar to this example) and the other had black and white words with black ink. I was really happy with the final product and got an A for the project. I will post the final series at a later date.

Need- An exploration of modern mythology


Starting today  I want to upload one image of my art and talk about it, as a reflection for myself.

I created this collage at my parents house while in my freshman year of college. It was one of those works that comes together seemelessly. All the pictures, colors and texts came together with ease and speed.

The work corresponds to a conversation I had with a friend about who our Gods are in the modern day. They had read a book on “Modern Magic” and it discussed Gods such as “Score”. “Need” is my modern goddess, a word that is so common in our world today. I have tried making other collages to create a series of works based on this idea, but none of them have been successful.

Starting Over

I have recently wanted to start putting all of my art in a digital format in case something terrible happens to all of my art.

This place will become my forum for exploring old images, sharing new insights, and exposing myself to whoever has enough time to stumble onto my blog and care enough to read it.